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We guarantee results! Receive millions of visitors everyday. Choose from over 213 countries including Nigeria for Geo-Targeting.

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You can earn money by Pay Per View - PPV from anywhere. We deliver high-quality traffic to meet all of your needs. After the big numbers? No problem!


About PayClick

PayClick Ng is a traffic exchange system. After your registration, you will be able to add your sites. After then, you will need to earn credits/money by the autosurf we provide to you. Websites will appear and you will earn 1 point for each seconds you stay on the autosurf. Now let it works alone! Credit your site and there will be seen by other users.

  • Script Advert
  • Image Advert
  • Website/Other Advert
  • Youtube Video Advert

Benefits And Facilities

Increase Organic and Social Website Traffic. Our system automatically delivers traffic to your pages

Instant Exchange

When you buy or start a session, you'll start getting visitors instantly from others.

Safe and Secure

Is a smart and secure system keeps you and your websites safe, Visitors can enter your site directly.

Earn Per View

Earn Extra money by viewing adverts by others. Each Ads has a price tag so you can earn more.


You can easily control your spends funds, your money will remain safe in your wallet until you need it.

Best Support

We're always stand by to solve any issue that you may appear, 24h Support.

Bounce Rate

provides you with a reduction in your bounce rate for your Website.

Membership Plans

Earn x120% extra money per view. Site visitors are a necessity, whether it’s sales that you need or looking to boost the stats a little and achieve set goals. Standard SEO techniques are as effective as they are time-consuming and often – expensive. It would help if you also waited a long time to see their effects. Purchasing paid traffic is a great way to complement SEO or even replace it entirely. By buying paid traffic, you receive an immediate, steady flow of targeted visitors to your website.

1k for 5k+

1,000.00 NGN

  • Plan Details
  • Daily Limit/Task : 5 PTC/PTV
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 1 Level
  • Plan Price : 1,000.00 NGN
  • Validity : 14 Days

4k for 10k+

4,000.00 NGN

  • Plan Details
  • Daily Limit/Task : 5 PTC/PTV
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 2 Level
  • Plan Price : 4,000.00 NGN
  • Validity : 30 Days

7k for 12+

7,000.00 NGN

  • Plan Details
  • Daily Limit/Task : 10 PTC/PTV
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 2 Level
  • Plan Price : 7,000.00 NGN
  • Validity : 30 Days

Free Plan

0.00 NGN

  • Plan Details
  • Daily Limit/Task : 1 PTC/PTV
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 1 Level
  • Plan Price : 0.00 NGN
  • Validity : 7 Days

15k for 35k+

15,000.00 NGN

  • Plan Details
  • Daily Limit/Task : 18 PTC/PTV
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 2 Level
  • Plan Price : 15,000.00 NGN
  • Validity : 30 Days

50k for 150k+

50,000.00 NGN

  • Plan Details
  • Daily Limit/Task : 85 PTC/PTV
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 2 Level
  • Plan Price : 50,000.00 NGN
  • Validity : 30 Days

Best Place To Earn Money Online

For every site you visit, you will receive one visitor back to your link and also receive extra commission. There's no limit to free visits you can receive per day — 10, 100, or even 1000. If you have no time to view sites, you can purchase visits right after signup!









Frequently Asked Question

We guarantee results! Receive millions of visitors everyday. Choose from over 213 countries including Nigeria for Geo-Targeting.

PayClick has been made to be simple and fast: A quick registration. A fast validation (under 24h) of your websites, even automatic for certain websites. An unique autosurf engine! More than 15 millions visits delivered every day!

A quick validation of your websites, a pleasant surf and a constant watching to delete blocking websites.

Having some negative credit on websites is quite normal: it happens when you received a bit more visits that you should with the credits you added on your website. Though, you just need to add some credits again and the websites will continue to rotate normally.

If the website you added is in the white list it will be validated automatically. If not, it usually takes between few hours and up to 24h. Validation is made by batch at least twice a day. So relax and start your autosurf while waiting for your website validation. No need to contact us to validate your site, we'll do it's a promise.

What People Says

We take pride in promoting your websites and love reading your feedback. Here are just some of the things people are saying about us.


Definitely worth the investment. I couldn't have asked for more than this. I love payclick ng traffic exchange and earning. Thanks for the great service.


Since I invested in payclick traffic exchange and earn, I made over NGN1.000 profits. Good job, thanks


I have gotten at least 50 times the value from payclick traffic exchange. The best on the net! It's all good. payclick traffic exchange was worth a fortune to my company.

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